Monday, December 5, 2011

My happy place : Bridgeway Cinema

When I have a spare couple of hours to myself, there are few places I would rather be than tucked up inside the Bridgeway Cinema in Northcote Point, with an ice cream and a glass of wine. I'm quite happy going on my own too, which is such a different experience to seeing a film with a friend or loved one. 

I love the tiny cinema, the carefully chosen films and the proximity to one of my favourite Auckland restaurants, the Engine Room (now open for lunch a couple of days a week too). 

The only downside is the grumpy woman I assume is the owner, but I'll coax a smile out of her one of these days.


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Anonymous said...

Great comments Erica,
You will be pleased to know that the grumpy old manager left in March 2010, we have a new crew on and all are extremely customer friendly and welcoming The owners are still the same people just new management crew! Look forward to seeing you again soon!