Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Scrapbook : Smell Belles

You can't go wrong giving something beautiful and smelly for Christmas. Actual perfume...not so much, unless you know, without a doubt, exactly which one to buy.

Instead, go for genuine perfumed candles that have had fragrance oil worked right through the wax, not the cheap ones that are just dipped in scent. Good candles cost more, for a reason! They smell divine, they usually have a longer burn time (look for something with 40hours plus), if properly cared for they don’t smoke, and they look beautiful too. Once you’ve burned a candle from Jo Malone, or Diptyque, or Cire Trudon, you can't go back to $2 vanilla pillars from Spotlight*. Trust me on this; I’m a candle maniac from way back.

So, today’s Scrapbook is a carefully curated collection of candles (that alliteration came naturally – like it?) that would be a delight to find under the Christmas tree next weekend. Just make sure that whoever the lucky recipient is actually burns it. An unburned candle is…to quote my favourite character from Princess Bride…Inconceeeeevable!

Jo Malone candle (more on Jo Malone next week)

Cire Trudon candle from World Beauty Store

Happy weekend Beaunz belles.


*Although Spotlight pillar candles are perfect for burning outside when no one can smell them anyway!

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