Monday, April 30, 2012

Currently : April

Cool local personalities for Bare Beaunz - such a pleasure!

Saving for: A house, as much as you put away, it never feels like enough.

Eating: Homemade chicken noodle soup with pak choy.

Coveting: Penny Sage cherry red jumpsuit.

Drinking: Single malt whiskey with a dash of warm runny honey. I first tried this in Poland and it's gorgeous in winter.

Watching: Survivor. I can't help myself.

Reading: Crafty Girl's Road Trip - a brilliant little guidebook.

Listening to: Maz Totterdell.

Wearing: Kate Sylvester Lambie coat, see above...go on, stroke me :)

Talking about: The possibility of a Spring NZ Fashion Week. Wahoo!

Waiting for: The Artist on dvd, I missed seeing it on the big screen.

Smelling: wood smoke curling from chimneys - makes me think of my childhood days in Christchurch.

Searching for: fresh sardines...any recommendations?