Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grey Lynn Bird Watching

Grey Lynn Vegan from Kokako

According to the DOC website, the Kokako prefers running to flying, leaping through the forest on its long, strong legs. Although the South Island Kokako is assumed to be extinct, it's Northern sibling is still holding on by a thread and its call sounds a bit like my daughter trying to play the harmonica. 

It might not be of the feathered kind, but there is a new Kokako we should treasure, native to Grey Lynn. A coffee roastery (of certified fairtrade organic beans) and cafe, serving brunch, lunch and all sorts of guilt-free treats, if you blink while turning out of Williamson Ave you may miss Kokako altogether. Don't!

I was introduced to Kokako by Charlotte Ryan (she'll be on Beaunz next week, stay tuned) who treated me to a Grey Lynn Vegan smoothie. I'm not usually a juice or smoothie fan, preferring to get my calories from whole fruit or just plain ice cream, but this was divine. Made with Omaha organic blueberries, All Good fairtrade banana, almond milk, coconut milk and goji berries (which, thankfully, you couldn't taste - blech) it was delicious and so filling I couldn't finish it, and didn't need lunch afterwards.

If you're in the area, pop in and take a look, and while you're there pick up a box of Kokako drinking chocolate...another native treasure you should keep your eye on.


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