Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Neither violet nor grey like the sky today

I've been putting together a 'colours of winter' feature for the magazine I edit, and while there are dozens of gorgeous nail colours to oogle this winter, most are rich shades of red or purple or navy that just don't feel right yet. 

It's like that snuggly grey scarf peeking at me from my wardrobe...tempting, but...not just yet...but then my happy little Huffer shorts don't feel right anymore either, nor does my Essie Mint Candy Apple mani. It's that strange seasonal-straddle that has me constantly layering up then unpeeling again when the sun comes out. Frustrating as heck when you're allowed 3 seconds flat to get ready in the morning...

So, I've been embracing the in-between-look; blazers thrown over breezy summer dresses, snuggly jumpers with little shorts, cardigans over camisoles...and this lilac-y-grey 'Muggins' by Butter London is the perfect accompaniment. Just don't extend it to your toes...unless you're moonlighting as an extra on CSI. 


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Amanda said...

I love this, where can you by butter london?