Monday, April 2, 2012


If you're a regular reader you'll know that my daughter has been sick lately, and there was one day where the only things she ate in 24hours were a mouthful of play-doh and this teensy Black Doris Plum Cupcake from Petal. Because the doctor had said to let her eat whatever she felt like (play-doh excepted of course) I put aside all the usual healthy eating parental aspirations.

Then, the next day, I asked what she wanted to eat and she replied...'cupcake'. Not bad for a 19month old! So, off we went back to Petal for another cupcake (not that I minded).

Thankfully for us both, she was back to eating normally a couple of days later, or the lovely new winter clothes I've put aside would be too small before I even had a chance to wear them. Lucky, too, that Petal do this sweet little version of their most popular cupcakes. Bite-sized and beautiful, you'll burn it off again just walking back to the car. Right?


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