Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I wellie love windy Wellie

Illustration by Echi

I hopped on a plane down to Wellington yesterday for work, fretting all the while because it was the first time I have been more than a 20 minute drive away from my daughter. Of course, she had a fabulous day being spoilt rotten and had forgotten about me within minutes, so I put all those guilts aside and went exploring the city in between meetings.

Here are a few things I discovered...

Gorgeous coffee and the best apricot pastry ever at Mojo, then an even better coffee at Memphis Belle.

Fashion temptation at Good as Gold.

I peered longingly through the windows at Martin Bosley and Logan Brown.

Oobi Baby treats for my daughter from The Baby's Room in Old Bank Arcade.

Then after my last meeting was done, I surrendered my blowdry to a windswept walk around the bay. Gorgeous!

Feel free to add your own Wellie-love in the comments. I'll be going back again soon and would love your suggestions of where to go. Share this with your Wellie friends too, I'm sure there are oodles of places to try.



Anonymous said...

I'm from Wellington, now living in Auckland. Love the city, so pretty and full of secrets. Miss it a lot! Melbourne is very similar, arty, creative, bursting with goodness!

Beaunz said...

Oooh, anon, please share some of those secrets! x

Sarah H said...

The Te Papa 'Golden Days' Junk shop- it's a show and film hidden away on Level 4 and I go every time I am in Welly. Takes me back and full of nostalgic New Zealand stuff.

Going for a walk along the waterfront and Oriental bay, maybe even hiring the Crocodile bikes (four people sit and all peddle together) - guaranteed fun!

The public Library is amazing, I used to love findng a cosy nook and curling up somewhere overlooking Civic Square.

Driving up the Ngaio Gorge and visitng friends up there - or driving up dodgy uphill lanes with steep hills, (Roseneath, Aro Valley, Kelburn!) all part of the fun of being in Welly!

Walking along Courtney place - such vibrancy and the real entertainment strip of Wellington!

Wearing long scarves and big jackets- black is the staple officewear down there)

The train station leaves our Britomart in the dust. What the Britomart has in shiny newness, the Welly Train Station has in soul. It's always packed from 3-6 with the schoolkids and commuters heading out of town, lots of people watching to do and there is a great mini-supermarket there.

Cuba Mall - enough said! So much colour and life down there.

Feeling a bit homesick just thinking about these parts!