Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bare Beaunz : Kellie

There aren't many local designers who can state (proudly, and rightly so) that 90% of their product is manufactured in New Zealand, and it is precisely that 'slow' approach to production that gives the moochi brand it's timeless, quality appeal.

As the driving force behind moochi, Kellie gives off the quiet confidence of a woman who knows her aesthetic inside out. Rather than churning out trend-driven separates that wallow in Tatty's after a season or two, her clothes tend to stay in their wearers wardrobe until they fall apart at the seams. I have three moochi dresses that saw me through my pregnancy yet still hold their shape, and in fact I'm wearing one as I type (grey, with fabric covered buttons and a sweet little lace trim).

I'm excited to have Kellie on Bare Beaunz today, so I can hopefully absorb some of her innate sense of style by virtual osmosis...and yes, Beaunz belles, that beautiful necklace is current season, but be quick! Over to you, Kellie...

I just bought...
A giant 'T' (it's over a metre wide!) from am old French light box sign that will sit on my kitchen wall. We also won a bidding war tonight for a flock of bright yellow resin birds for my wall!!! What the...?

I'm about to buy... 
Some cool bamboo plants for the new Japanese Garden we have created on one side of our house. 

I wish I could buy... 
A Bach! We spent a month on Waiheke this summer and I loved how I felt as I unwound from my life.

When I was a kid I wanted to be...
A red head with long curlie hair and freckles!

I never leave the house without... 
My moochi clutch wallet, as it holds my iphone, cards, MAC gloss of the moment and keys. All in one tidy place, a priceless accessory, as I would loose my head if it was not screwed on!

If I wasn't so naughty I would...
Be much skinnier! Why are some of us born with huge amounts of discipline while others of us are not?

At home I am usually...
On the go. With two kids there is never any down time.

My fashion sense at school was...
My good friend would say glamourous. I used to go to centre point fabrics and buy Vogue Patterns and fabrics, but I never sewed anything much myself, my mum had this amazing dressmaker who was such good value, I had some amazing 'designer ' get ups! I did not learn to sew properly until fashion school. 

If I had one magic power it would be....? 
To stop the clock. I am always late; always over promising what I can achieve. This is done with the best of intentions and I would love to be able to follow through and make everyone happy by getting everything done. Fashion and parenting are so full of deadlines!

The last time I (really) laughed was…? 
With my son tonight when I tucked him in and he was winding up my daughter who was taking things all too seriously, as we girls tend too. Did you have a brother who knew just what buttons to push to make you go crazy? I had one and it was classic to see my son do just the same thing to my daughter!

My secret pleasure is...? 
If I told you it would not be a secret.

I'm happiest when...? 
I remember to be grateful for all the good in my life. Why are we always so busy that we forget to enjoy things? 

 If I died tomorrow I would be remembered for...?
My made up stories at bedtime and my relentless desire to get things right.