Monday, April 16, 2012

Shoes are the windows to the soul

Chaos & Harmony Cassandre heels

I recently stepped right out of my comfort zone and bought these gorgeous platform heels by Chaos & Harmony. I had been looking for new heels that would take me stylishly from work to events and home again, give me height without bumble and, most importantly, slide easily into my now perfectly curated winter wardrobe. I hadn't planned on going platform OR burgundy but the moment I saw them they were already mine. 

It got me thinking about shoes, and what you can tell about someone's mood from what they're wearing on any given day. So, here is a little game of 'shoe-mood association':

Stiletto - notice me, I'm hot
Platform - I'm hot too but I can't walk in stilettos
Ballet flats - I don't care if you think I'm hot
Brogues - I'm far too intellectual and cool to be hot
Slippers - I'm too tired to be hot (hungover, or new Mum)
Flip flops - I'm pretending it's still summer hot

Feel free to add any more in the comments.


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