Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Almost too pretty to eat...almost...

So, you may already have read about my obsession with macarons, so it is with great excitement that I discovered the J'aime les Macarons online ordering service! A box of 12 assorted macarons can be sent anywhere in New Zealand, with a delivery time of around 2 days from order. How are these for flavours?

Chai Tea & Marshmallow
Apple Praline
Cherry Cheesecake
Sea Salt Chocolate

And that's just the beginning. Have a look at the J'aime les Macarons website for all the details. 

It is some serious eye candy...and I want candy.



Melissa said...

Oh my word, they look and sound amazing!

Jane said...

These sound amazing, where can you buy them?

AnyaB said...

I ate a green one at Dizengoff today and thought of you!

Beaunzblog said...

Jane - Dizengoff in Ponsonby sells them, or you can buy online if you don't live in Auckland or Christchurch (where they're made). Have a look on the website x