Thursday, May 3, 2012

la Cigale...c'est genial!

My Saturday mornings are usually spent choosing olives, dolmas, stuffed peppers, Turkish dips and baklava from the Parnell markets. Throw in a coffee and an almond croissant from the cafe, some feijoa chutney, half a dozen mini ciabatta and some strawberry and vanilla whoopie pies and you have the makings of a weekend feast. Somehow it all feels less calorific if bought from an outdoor market - don't you think?

If the markets themselves are too busy, there's a secret little park just up the road where you can hide away and picnic to your hearts content, still within earshot of the saxophonist. 

As the weather cools down, I've also started craving the yummy slow-cooked dinners on offer at the la Cigale bistro, open Wed - Fri nights. Dinner is served onto big communal tables, and the loud, tuck-in atmosphere is the closest thing to European entertaining I've found since coming home.

All in all, la Cigale is a little jewel in the middle of town, and though the locals may rue that their market has become a tourist destination, this is one secret that shouldn't be kept.


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Aroha Drinks said...

Totally Agree!! La Cigale is totally awesome!!