Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Femme feline...and a clever little tip

M.A.C for Jonathan Saunders SS2012

This makeup is beautiful on so many levels. Natural brows, soft buffed skin, delicate Barbie doll pink lips and of course, those incredible feline eyes. 

Now, let's be clear, I'm no more liner-skilled than the next Beaunz belle, so I asked my lovely friend Daniel Sandler how to achieve this at home without looking like my daughter did it. I could have kept his answer to myself, but here you go....and there are heaps of other tips on his website too.

Daniel recommends putting your mascara on first, so you can rest the liner pen on your lashes and avoid any smearing disasters. Then line up your credit card at the corner of your eye and using it as a guideline for your liquid liner, to get a perfectly straight feline flick. 



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