Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just waiting for winter

I love winter clothes. There is something so sensual about all the soft textures, even though we spend months and months hidden away under layers. Have you ever worn a silky camisole under a wool jumper? Delish!

I was putting away a couple of new purchases and couldn't resist snapping the line-up in my wardrobe, just waiting for a chilly morning. Clothes this winter are especially appealing, with sequins and prints and soft, squishy knits. I've already listed all my favourite things about Autumn, and layering up snuggly colours and textures each morning is top of my list for winter. I even bought a fur trimmed beanie, although I'm not sure it will ever get cold enough in Auckland to justify that one. Perhaps a trip to the South Island then...

What new winter things have you bought, Beaunz belles?



Sue said...

A scarf with jewelery attached. Yay I don't have to choose between necklace or scarf anymore. Fingerless possum wool gloves so I can use my smartphone without taking my gloves off. Cosy, kiwi and practical. Perfect.

Erica Kent said...

A scarf with jewelry attached? Send me a piccie! I'm looking for some knitted arm warmers that come right down over your hands, for the same reason x