Tuesday, March 27, 2012

There's a new chick - en town

One of my daily pleasures is listening to Morning Glory on bfm. Not only is the music and content brilliant (anyone else have a secret girl crush on Charlotte Ryan?) I always hear about something new to try. For the last month or so, Bird on a Wire has been mentioned almost daily, so during a lunch break at a Writers Workshop last weekend I popped along Ponsonby Road (sandwiched between Rocket Kitchen and Fatimas) and ordered their chicken, iceberg and tarragon mayo roll.

Oh. My. God.

For the first time in weeks (I'm one of those boring people that can't eat when they're stressed, read yesterday's post if you want all the gory details), I demolished every last bite of my lunch and wished I could eat the whole thing all over again.

It was such a simple sandwich, but each element was done perfectly. Tarragon mayo...! Who would have thought it could taste so good? I'm a convert to that shy little herb. Add to that a chewy, crusty French stick, tender chicken and the freshest, crispest lettuce you could wish for and you've found slow-food-made-fast-food nirvana. 

The service was really friendly (I ask way too many questions) and the fact that the chicken is free range seals the deal; Bird on a Wire is my new food obsession. Check out their menu here, and promise never to line the pockets of Colonel Sanders again. 


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Ben + Poet said...

Mmmmmmmmm, looks gooooood.