Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Scrapbook : Skulls

5 Skull Necklace by Meadowlark 

I have a weird (and sort of secret - until now) love of all things bony and macabre. While living in London, one of my favourite things to do was visiting the various catacombs around Europe, squinting in the dark to see the old skeletons and skulls. A spin-off is that I find it really hard to walk away from jewellery or homewares decorated with bones of any kind, and am hoping to one day own a house big enough to find space for a life-sized skeleton of some sort. Creepy? Guilty as charged. But I know I'm not the only one...enjoy...

Paris Catacombs (image credit unknown)

Skull beanie on display at Superette Ponsonby 

Skull cameo from Yellow Brick Road Boutique

SS2012 collection from Stolen Girlfriends Club, read the full review on Thread here



Anonymous said...

Love it, reminds me of a beautiful skull encrusted in diamonds and jewels that I cut out of magazine (think it was a Sunday? a few years ago). The children were horrified and Connor kept hiding it so he would stop catching a glimpse of it as it frightened him, I thought it was beautiful. It was hanging on the fridge. I am a strange mother. (Jen B)

Beaunz blog said...

Thanks for joining me on the creepy ledge Jen! I remember that picture too, beautiful xx