Wednesday, January 23, 2013

There's no price tag on swooning....

Great Gatsby costume sketch courtesy of Prada

Fashion illustration is one of my secret (or not so secret) coveted skills. 

I can't draw to save myself, but I find looking at designer sketches even more pleasurable than the finished clothes. Like a visual poem, they conjure so many possibilities in a two-dimensional image. For example; this woman is on her way to a hidden bar to drink martinis amongst the cigar smoke, to a soundtrack of croaky jazz. She is naked under the coat, save for her fragrance of choice; Tabac Blond, and has left her lighter at home in the hope that her lover will smell it when he leans in to light her cigarette. (You can see the others here; I would love to know what stories they tell you!)

I'm already inside out with excitement to see The Great Gatsby, and discovering these Prada costume sketches was like finding presents tucked under the Christmas tree with my name on them.  

Thank goodness oogling via googling is free...


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