Thursday, January 10, 2013

Currently...January 2013

34 weeks and counting

So...I haven't been busy on Beaunz lately, but I have been busy growing a baby dinosaur in my belly. As things slow down for me work-wise in preparation for his arrival, I'm excited to be able to devote a bit more time to blogging again. Excuse the newfound focus on all things miniature, I promise to slip in the odd non-baby post too!

Photographing: my growing belly (and using my iPhone to check under the bump for crumbs and rogue stains).

Saving for: new shoes...tune in tomorrow.

Eating: Fruju Grapefruit and Lemon ice blocks.

Coveting: this amazing bed.

Drinking: Barkers lemon and ginger with soda water, fresh mint and lots of ice.

Watching: Girls Season 1 on DVD. Borderline cringe-overload but so addictive!

Reading: Oh Baby by Kathy Fray. Gentle, sensible advice without the bells and whistles.

Listening to: Vetiver

Wearing: Cherry red toes courtesy of Essie Really Red.

Talking about: Baby until you actually have to decide on one.

Waiting for: Our new arrival of course!

Smelling: Jo Malone Amber & Lavender, a perfectly fresh and soft combination for my contrary pregnant nose.

Searching for: cool, uncheesy boys clothes. Any suggestions?



Anonymous said...

Yaah, welcome back! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yay great to see a new post from you, I miss your updates! Keep well xx jennie x

Anonymous said...

Looking beautiful Lady in Waiting xxx

Megan Robinson said...

I bought Louis' clothes at ymamay and Minti which has an outlet at Federation Laundromat 7 Triton Ave Albany. PS Where did you find HBO's Girls on DVD as I am dead keen to watch season 1?

Beaunzblog said...

Hi Meg,
You can rent Girls through Fatso here: