Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wear your childhood on your sleeve

If, like me, you spent your childhood eating guavas and green gage plums and feijoas straight off your garden trees, you'll love the fruity earthiness of Jo Malone's latest fragrance.

Blackberry & Bay launches in New Zealand in September and although picking wild blackberries is more a British than kiwi sensibility, there is something universally appealing about its warm, crushed fruit notes. 

At first spritz I wasn't sure about wearing something so simple and fruity (I like my perfume heady, floral and bordering on animalic) but once it dried and warmed on my skin it became much more complex and woody. 

One of my favourite things about Jo Malone fragrances is that their simplicity and quality mean that they smell different on everyone. Rather than evaporating off with the alcohol content like so many commercial fragrances do, the rich raw ingredients embed themselves into your skin and make magic. 

When you find your signature Jo Malone, it somehow makes you smell just like you, only better. Isn't that what perfume should do?

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