Monday, June 11, 2012

Cinemust : The Descendants

So, usually my Cinemusts are actually still at the cinema, but I'm making an exception today for two reasons:

1. I'm saving up my cinema dollars for the NZ Film Festival (anyone else counting down the days to opening night? Wahoo!) so it's DVDs for me for the next few weeks;
2. This film is intimate enough to enjoy on the small screen anyway.

Last night was fuh-reezing cold so I decided a little George (and some Kapiti White Chocolate and Raspberry ice cream...sigh) was just the ticket. Although it was about as far from his usual suave, ladies-man persona as he could get, The Descendants reminded me he can actually act! Gentle, funny, heartbreaking and touching, The Descendants perfectly juxtaposed the paradise that is Hawaii, with the tragedy of a marriage imploding. I cried actual tears several times, but by the end I felt satisfied and reassured that the human spirit can survive pretty much anything. Not bad for a 2hour movie. Might have been the ice cream too...


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