Friday, August 3, 2012

Shoes with a sunroof

Although I love to share my finds on Beaunz, I also take great delight in being able to respond 'Oh these? 10 years old' when asked where I bought a pair of shoes or an item of clothing. The sad thing is most of my wardrobe is that old, with a toddler there are few excuses to splash out on designer threads, but at least it means I don't often meet my fashion doppleganger at events.

When I asked moochi PR Manager Rebecca where she got her amazing cut-out brogues at the showroom day, I expected her to say they were vintage moochi, but no! They will be in store in the next couple of weeks and are part of the new season collection.

I love the way Rebecca has styled them too, by knotting her billowy pants at the ankle for maximum visibility. I'm checking the website daily to see when they become available, and if anyone else buys them too, I'd love to see photos of how you style them (you can post them on my facebook page). I'll be pairing them with cropped jeans and my Therese Rawsthorne twist shirt...then a maxi-skirt and snuggly jumper...then leopard print tights and a slouchy t-shirt dress...the options are endless! And best of all, as the weather warms you'll get that delicious tickle of sunshine through the cut-outs.


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